The Smartest Air Purifier For Your Personal Space

Wynd is the smartest portable air purifier for your personal space. It's portable, so you can breathe easy wherever you go. Wynd is more than just one device: It's an air quality sensor and purifier in one - and the sensor can actually detach for ultimate mobility.

What people say about WYND

"We bought our Wynd about 18 months ago after discovering my husband has bad allergies which now triggers his asthma. It has been one of the best investments we have made. Not only does it purify the air it also has air quality detection and we are using it all the time."
Anita Woess

"We use it in hotels when we travel or when anyone in our family is sick. We’ve noticed a difference in our sinuses and bedroom air quality when we use it. I give Wynd five stars."

"I don't fly without it! Can't stand the recycled air on a plane!"

Smallest Particulate Sensor on the Market

WYND is more than one device. It's an air quality tracker and purifier in one. The tracker can be detached for ultimate mobility. WYND air quality tracker and APP continuously monitors your environment and alerts you when it becomes unhealthy.

The Filter

The filter is lined with an antimicrobial layer lined with silver. This keeps it clean from microbes such as bacteria and mold. As air passes through this filter, the particulate pollutants are removed and any residual germs are killed off, and purified air flows out into your environment.

Why Silver?

Silver has long been known to impart antimicrobial properties to water containers and air filters. Silver nanoparticles work by the change from free silver to ionic, with resulting penetration of the microbial cell membrane. Textiles are the second leading category of consumer items that use nanosilver to create antimicrobial properties. 


Although we built Wynd to purify the air in your personal space, we decided to see how well it could clean a small room. So we had it tested in a 640-cubic-foot chamber (comparable to an 8x10ft room) by Research Triangle Institute, a leading national research institute and filtration testing laboratory. Despite its small form factor, WYND can deliver over 8 liters of clean air per second when our lungs inhales and exhales 7-8 liters of air per minute.

How WYND is different from Standard Purifier

Wynd Large room air purifier Car air purifier Mask
Is portable
Includes wearable air quality monitor
Continuously monitors air quality
Auto-adjusts purification based on current air quality
Purifies all air in personal space
Purifies all air in large room
Filters particulates
Filters VOCs
Includes one-touch filter ordering
Shows real-time air quality map
Sends mobile alerts when air quality worsens
Shows total amount of pollution filtered
Tracks and displays air quality trends over time
Enables users to see friends' air quality

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