What does WYND Filter?

Wynd's medical grade filter traps particulates such as pollen, pet dander, bacteria, as well as industrial pollution particulates from sources such as traffic, factories, and power plants.

How long do the filters last?

The filter typically lasts for 3 months in a polluted environment (with an average AQI of 200). In a less polluted environment (such as most of the U.S.), it lasts between 3 and 6 months. We can actually calculate the filter life for you: By tracking how polluted the air is around the filter—as well as WYND’s airflow level and usage duration—we can tell you how used up the filter is and alert you when it’s time to order a replacement. You can opt into subscribing to automatic replacement filter shipments.

How loud is it?

Depending on the purification level, WYND ranges from 30 decibels (quiet rural area) to 55 decibels (a normal conversation). You can turn the top ring of the purifier to adjust its purification level.

How long does the WYND Purifier's Battery last without a charge?

When it's not plugged in, WYND (the purifier and tracker combined) lasts for about 8 hours on normal use (continuously running at a medium purification level).

How long will the WYND Air Quality Tracker's battery last?

When it's not docked into the purifier or plugged in, the tracker can last for over a week if it senses every hour.

Do I need to point WYND at myself?

Nope. WYND can be facing vertically and still create a clean air bubble around you. We recommend keeping WYND within 3 - 6 feet of your head depending on purification level for maximum effectiveness while vertical.   If you tilt WYND toward your face using the accompanying kickstand, the effective purification area range will increase in conjunction with purification level up to 8 feet. 

Is the Air Quality Tracker totally independent from the purifier?

You can use the tracker completely independently. If you purchase the tracker by itself, it will come with its own charger. 

Can I get WYND customized for myself or my company?

Yes you can! Just reach out to us at Modus Singapore. We have minimum order quantities and charge an extra fee for customization.

How can I find out more information about WYND?

You can look into the official site of WYND at https://shop.hellowynd.com/.

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